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Marina Del Rey, LA

Projector individuals possess a unique capacity to serve as guides, effectively channeling the energies of those around them toward the path of realization and success. In alignment with my astral design, I identify as a Projector, poised to guide you towards the achievement of your goals.

Through our collaboration, you will unlock your latent potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately attaining your fullest potential.

The sails have been raised, which means a fair wind has blown, and it’s time to hit the road... 

Oksana Mamro:

Your Companion on the Journey to Self-Discovery

Oksana Mamro - certified instructor in yoga, Sadhu nail board and intimate gymnastics, author of the book “+-18”, astrologer and aromatherapist.

Russian yoga instructor Santa Monica

Feel the triple energy of yoga, astrology and aromatherapy

Focus and unleash your inner potential.

"The world around me is calm when I am calm within myself." - yoga mantra

Russian yoga instructor Santa Monica




nailing in Russian, California, Santa Monica

Trial lesson on the Sadhu board with a discount 50%

saving $27.50

Yoga and meditation are not just practices, they are the art of learning to listen to yourself and your body. They give you moments of peace, allow you to restore inner harmony and focus on the present. Immerse yourself in a world of practices that transform, restore balance and bring harmony. Start your journey to a better version of yourself right now. Sign up for a trial corepower yoga or Sadhu board session.


meditation, Sadhu board

yoga in Russian
natal chart Russian astrologer Santa Monica

Free analysis of 1 natal chart in the 3+1 family package


Your natal chart is a unique code of your destiny, the key to unlocking your potentials and talents. This is your guide to a successful life, where you can maximize your potential and find harmony. Feel free to go forward, follow your unique star path - your natal chart.

Natal Chart Analysis 


Doterra santa monica

Aroma oil as a gift for an aroma diagnostic and massage session

saving $20

Breathe deeper, inhale life with aromas! Welcome to the world of aromatherapy, where the touch of natural oils awakens body and soul. Aromatherapy is not just a way to relax, it is the art of tuning your body for harmony and success. Let the scents accompany you on your journey to better health and well-being. 

Aroma therapy

Aroma magic

Aroma mania


intimate yoga work-out, Santa Monica

Reveal your sexuality during intimate sessions (2 ✕ 60 min.)

price $400

Discover the secrets and splendor of sexuality. Don't miss the opportunity to understand and love your body, learn a conscious and pleasant intimate experience. After all, knowing yourself and your body is the key to pleasure and harmonious relationships. My materials and practices will help you discover your own path to pleasure and sexual harmony.  

Intimate Body Practices


Oksana Mamro California

The promotional price for consultations is valid only until January 1, 2024

price $100

Possible topics of consultation: childhood trauma, parental divorce, poverty and how to get rid of poor thinking, sexual harassment, nymphomania, divorce, infertility, betrayal, immigration, life from scratch, bad habits, addictions, depression, how to accept and love yourself for who you are.

Personal consultations-conversations



Marina Del Rey Oksana Mamro yoga instructor

Hello, my name is Oksana, and today I want to share my story with you. The journey I've been on has been incredible and I want you to know how yoga, astrology and aromatherapy have changed my life. My story began several years ago, when I was a completely different person. I felt lost in this world and couldn't figure out how to find my way. That's when I stepped on the yoga mat for the first time. This was the beginning of my long and exciting journey. Yoga not only gave me physical well-being, but also helped me find inner peace and harmony. I began to understand my true values and priorities in life. She transformed me, making me stronger and more balanced.

How I revealed myself:

my amazing transformations 

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