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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don't go where the road might lead.

Instead, go where there is no road and leave a trail.

My journey into myself

My story

My personal transformation was so strong that I wanted other people to know about it. In 2022 I recorded my video book "+-18", where you can dive into my story in more detail. If you wish to watch it, drop me a message and I will send you a link to it. Today my existence is filled only with what brings me inspiration, energy and freedom of expression. All my actions and activities are based on these values.

A few years ago I delved deeper into astrology, starting to study natal charts and planets. This allowed me to better understand my individuality and destiny. Negative aspects in the natal chart are not fateful, but rather a call to action and the development of the planets to achieve happiness and fulfillment. I believe that the natal chart contains all the answers, and my job is to hear and accept them. Solar astrology helps to better understand the energetic dynamics of the year and prepare for possible events and changes. It can provide insight into favorable periods for starting new projects, career development, relationships or personal growth.

And aromatherapy became another key to my transformation, allowing me to use aromas to maintain emotional balance and spiritual growth. 

My mission

Today, my mission is to help other people discover the transformation they can achieve through yoga, astrology and aromatherapy. My story is just one of many examples of how these ancient practices can change our lives and open up new horizons for us.


Let's explore the mysterious world of inner transformation together. I want to help every person find harmony and balance in their life through consciousness transformation and spiritual awakening.


I believe that the path to true harmony begins with self-knowledge. Through yoga, astrology and aromatherapy, I help people unlock their inner potential and understand their life purpose.

My method

In my practices, I use breathing exercises, meditation, essential oils, a sadhu board, and even metaphorical cards. All this allows you to go deeper into yourself, know yourself and move forward.


Through years of practice and study of spiritual sciences, I learned to see those subtleties and details that are hidden from the eyes of an ordinary person. My ability to read natal charts and understand the influence of planets in our lives allows me to warn against potential difficulties and help create favorable conditions for growth and prosperity.

Aromatherapy is another tool that helps our soul and body find balance. Fragrances have the power to evoke emotions and memories, and I use this power to heal and restore. 


My method is to create bridges between the spiritual and material worlds so that everyone can experience true happiness and well-being.


author unknown

Change starts within. When we change our thoughts, we change our world.

Margaret Fuller

The secret to happiness is taking care of your physical and mental health.

Charles Harper

The path to happiness is the path of self-knowledge. Discover your strengths and overcome your limitations.

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