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Aromatherapy is the art of inhaling harmony and exhaling tension.

Aromateria with Oksana Mamro

Aroma diagnostics and aroma massage

Aroma diagnostics is a unique service designed to help you learn more about yourself and your physical and emotional state. During the consultation, a special technique is used to determine your preferences in fragrances. Based on the data received, I will select the most suitable aromatic oils and mixtures for you. This will help achieve harmony and improve well-being.


Aroma massage is a unique combination of relaxation and treatment. Specially selected aromatic oils during the massage will help  relieve tension and improve physical condition. 


At the aromatherapy session, I share the secrets of using aromatic oils in everyday life. You'll find out which oils help fight stress, improve sleep quality and even boost immunity.




Healing, harmony and health are the most important aspects of our lives. Aromatherapy with its amazing aromatic oils is an incredible way to achieve harmony in soul and body.


Aroma oils are a gift from nature that helps restore mental balance, strengthen physical condition and create harmony within and around you.


I invite you to immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy and find well-being with the highest quality natural aroma oils from doTerra - the world giant in the field of natural oils.


Give yourself health and harmony by discovering the magic of aromas.

  • Изготовление 3 -х астросвечей под запрос

    150 долларов США

Union of aromatherapy and astrology

My passion for astrology also gives me the opportunity to create unique astro-scented candles for my clients. Candles are made only for strong days of the year, full moon, new moon, winter summer solstice, spring and autumn equinoxes and priest holidays. I make candle recipes strictly based on the client’s request and aroma preferences identified during aroma diagnostics. I add an intention program, natural herbs and aromatic oils to the candle making individually upon request.

Similar candles  combine the magical effects invested in the manufacturing process, the power of living fire and the effect of natural wax. A candle not only fills a space with warmth and comfort, but also cleanses away negativity. The candle burns with an even flame, helping to harmonize the energy of the room and body.

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