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Russian astrologer Santa Monique

Oksana Mamro

Your astrological stars are your story, and your natal chart is its chapter and title. Your planets are characters, and aspects are their interactions. Unfold your natal chart and understand exactly how you became who you are.

Astrology. The stars guide us. 

Your natal chart

Your natal chart is your unique plan of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth. It reflects the location of planets, stars and astrological points at the moment when you first breathed the air of this world. This card is your energetic signature, the primer of your destiny, the source of light that reveals your potential and purpose. The natal chart contains answers to questions about your inclinations, passions and life challenges. It helps you understand your character, your strengths and those areas of life where you need more attention and development. The natal chart is your compass in the world of astrology, which helps you better understand yourself and harmonize your life.

  • Разбор Натальной Карты

    350 долларов США

Astro consultation on request

During such a consultation, you can:

  1. Get an answer to your question

  2. Get recommendations and direction based on astrological data. This may include aspects such as career choices, relationships, when to start important projects, and other life events.

  3. Resolve questions and misunderstandings if there are specific questions or doubts related to life and the future

  4. Plan for the future: An astrological consultation can also include future forecasts, trends and influences that will be relevant in the near future.

An on-demand astrological consultation is an opportunity to receive personalized, personalized astrological guidance and help in understanding your life path.

  • Астро консультация по запросу

    от $250 до $300
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