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hatha yoga santa monica, CA

Yogi Bhajan 

It doesn't matter who you are. All that matters is that when the clouds gather over you, you can break through them. That's all that matters.  

Yoga practices with Oksana Mamro




Whether you are a seasoned yogi or embarking on your very first yoga journey, you've come to the right place. Personally, yoga embodies happiness and inner harmony for me. During our classes, we have the precious opportunity to temporarily detach from the chaos of the world and reconnect with our thoughts and sensations. Yoga also serves as a powerful avenue to challenge both your physical body and inner spirit while nurturing a wholesome lifestyle.

Yoga has been a healing balm for various mental and physical ailments in my life, and my aspiration is for it to extend its transformative benefits to you as well. To join our classes, whether online or in person, please feel free to reach out through your preferred mode of contact.

Sadhu Board - activate your inner


Standing on nails is an extraordinary practice that awakens one's inner energy, instilling a sense of vitality and cheerfulness. Rooted in ancient techniques and hidden wisdom, this practice has gracefully transitioned into the modern world.

Initiating the journey of standing on nails may initially appear as a trial for both the mind and body. However, with each session, a noticeable transformation unfolds, rendering your body more flexible and robust. Surprisingly, the nails transform into allies, assisting you in reaching new pinnacles of achievement.

A vital component of this practice is the soothing music that envelops you throughout the session. Music serves not only to induce relaxation but also to craft a unique ambiance conducive to diving deeper into meditation and concentrating on your sensations. This moment, where you stand on nails while harmonizing with music, becomes a realm of personal exploration and inner equilibrium.

Standing on the Sadhu nail board transcends being a mere physical exercise; it's a journey towards aligning the mind and body. It bestows gratification and serenity, unveiling new dimensions of your untapped potential each day. Embrace this challenge without fear, and you'll unquestionably experience its enriching impact on your life.

Russian yoga instructor Santa Monica


Irina Dubrova 

For me, Oksana is a true mentor in the world of yoga. Her lessons are full of wisdom and harmony. Oksana helped me not only learn to control my body, but also find inner peace. Her professionalism and gentleness make every session unforgettable. Thank you, Oksana, for your care and support!"

Daniella Bial

Oksana Mamro is an excellent teacher and guide in the world of yoga and nailing. Her classes are not just physical practice, but also a path to self-understanding. I came to her with zero experience, but thanks to her patience and experience, I made significant progress. Oksana helped me find balance and harmony, and I am grateful to her for that.

Ekaterina Nikolaeva

I met Oksana not so long ago, but I already felt a change in my life. Her lessons not only improve physical fitness, but also reveal inner potential. She taught me to listen to my body and gives harmony to my soul every time I attend our classes. 

yoga, nailing in Russian
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